Kelechi Mbagwu: Trusted Leader

Kelechi Mbagwu of Nigeria is a trusted leader in real estate development throughout his country. He is the Chief Executive Officer for CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. LTD., which has its headquarters in ikoyi, Lagos. CMB has a strong sense of community service and commitment to providing high quality housing.

One of the issues that Kelechi Mbagwu is focused on is the problem of providing affordable housing to all of Nigeria’s residents. Kelechi Mbagwu recently lambasted the government claiming that they are not serious about making affordable housing a reality. He understands that, “There are so many things that can be done that can cut the prices down drastically,” – (See more at:

Kelechi Mbagwu understands that because of all the costs associated with construction it can be hard for real estate developers to get the prices of houses down. The various people that you need to pay including contractors and quantity surveying consultants charge so much that getting the prices down to reasonable levels is difficult. He compares what a four bedroom bungalow cost when they first started to what it costs today, sixty four million naira’s, down to 37 million Naira’s the difference is staggering. In United States dollars that

Kelechi Mbagwu and CMB Building and Maintenance are changing the way real estate is built in Nigeria. They are using unique cost savings and keeping prices affordable for everyone. Even their High priced housing options are much lower than their competitors high priced options. These are some of the reasons why CMB is one of the best real estate developers in Nigeria


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