Kelechi Mbagwu: All Phases of Contsruction

Kelechi Mbagwu of CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Company Limited has a number of stages to their involvement in the property. They have worked hard to streamline the building and unlike many other companies, they work hard to make most of their homes very affordable.

Kelechi Mbagwu and the team at CMB are able to make homes more affordable because they have most of the various services needed all within the company. They are very careful to select a staff that has a diverse background. Some of the people that they have on staff include people experiences with law. They also have people with architecture experience, property management experience, and property maintenance experience. Some of their staff include people with sales, agency marketing, finance, information technology and people management experience. Having such a large assortment of professionals under one roof helps to keep costs down. They also utilize their own training facilities.

While many companies have the financial ability to do what Kelechi Mbagwu and CMB does, most are not willing to make a commitment to staffing properly. This lack of staffing forces them to have to contract out to fill a lot of their needs. Once work starts leaving and being contracted out, the prices start to go up.

There is a reason Kelechi Mbagwu and the team at CMB is one of the country’s premier Real Estate Developers. They are willing to do what needs to be done to build homes for everyone. Another one of the many ways that DMB is able to save money on the construction of homes is by starting projects right away. When projects sit around for extended periods of time, the costs of those construction projects go up very quickly.


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