Kelechi Mbagwu: Real Estate Expert

Kelechi Mbagwu and CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. LTD are experts at real estate development. They have developed properties to fit every lifestyle and every budget. They understand that not everyone can afford expensive homes, and they know that by doing things right in an economic way they can keep the prices on their homes at a lower level. They have made a commitment to building beautiful homes that are affordable.

Many people from all kinds of backgrounds utilize CMB and Kelechi Mbagwu. A number of international companies who know about construction know that while Kelechi Mbagwu and CMB cut costs, they do not cut corners. Some of their happy customers come from Chevron, Guaranty Bank and Trust, NBL, NNPC, Citibank, and Fidelity Bank.

Some of what Kelechi Mbagwu and CMD does which helps make the company successful is to handle in house the property development. They also handle facilities management, real estate advisory, real estate business plan and evaluation, and asphalt Road surfacing and repairs. Having a hand in so many different areas for so long has truly given them a CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. LTD and CMD expertise that is lacking at many real estate developers.

Kelechi Mbagwu is currently the CEO of CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. LTD. He was there with the start of the company in 2001, and he has helped run the company in a way to see increased revenues regularly. While the company started out with ten people, it not has around 300 employees.


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